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Author Topic: SMTP command failed: 554 5.5.0  (Read 61863 times)


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SMTP command failed: 554 5.5.0
« on: November 21, 2022, 12:03:29 PM »

Hi, the service is created in C# and also using the object port25.pmta.api.submitter. The service as working fine but after a few jobs that sending messages in PMTA, it cause issue in some jobs, please see the issue description below. Please note that some other jobs 'job_ID1121x' are already in queue in the pmta. I search in the forum to find any similar issue, but cant find. Any idea what is going on?

Error : port25.pmta.api.submitter.ServiceException: SMTP command failed: 554 5.5.0 specified Virtual MTA 'job_ID2123x' does not exist at port25.pmta.api.submitter.SmtpSocket.CheckReply() at port25.pmta.api.submitter.Message.Send(SmtpSender socket) at port25.pmta.api.submitter.Connection.Submit(Message msg) at ServiceSender.ServiceSender.SubmitToPMTA(Connection connPMTA, Message msg)