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Author Topic: URGENT: PMTA won't start  (Read 2779 times)


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URGENT: PMTA won't start
« on: May 22, 2017, 04:28:12 PM »

I've emailed and called Port25/Message Systems and no one is answering.
Running PowerMTA(TM) v4.0r20 (2015-09-11 11:25:45, 64-bit; tags/v4_0r20@15741) on Windows Server 2008 (build 6002 (Service Pack 2))
According to the services applet, the PowerMTA service is running, yet "pmta show status" comes back with "PowerMTA not running"
This is what I see in the pmta.log file:

2017-05-22 15:45:55 Error moving C:\pmta\db\webui\db1.csv.tmp to C:\pmta\db\webui\db1-000000000016F7B2.csv: Error renaming file C:\pmta\db\webui\db1.csv.tmp to C:\pmta\db\webui\db1-000000000016F7B2.csv, status = 0x00000299
2017-05-22 15:45:55 Startup error: Error opening C:\pmta\db\webui\db1.csv.tmp, status = ERROR_FILE_EXISTS

I'm tempted to delete C:\pmta\db\webui\db1.csv.tmp

Has anyone seen this before??


Jasdev Singh

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Re: URGENT: PMTA won't start
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2017, 06:35:45 PM »

Hello there,

We're really sorry to miss the ball on this one. We certainly could have been better about getting back to you in a more timely manner. We're happy that we were able to get your issue resolved (by deleting the .tmp file), even though the initial response took a little over an hour. If you'd like to have a call to discuss, Scott, and the team, would be more than happy to carve out some time to make it right by your book.

Thank you.

- Jasdev, Port25 Support