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Author Topic: orig column in accounting file is being overwritten by mail from in rewrite list  (Read 7369 times)


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Hello Everyone,

We have set return path as below using rewrite-list directive.

<rewrite-list rewritelist>
                mail-from *@*  bounce@bounce.xyz.com

It is working as expected as we can see smpt.mailfrom as bounce.xyz.com in mail header.

But, in accounting file we are getting same value(bounce@bounce.xyz.com) as ORIGINATOR (orig,) column instead of header from address.
So is there any way to get header from address as orig column with rewrite list?

Will “custom-dsn-from-header” tag be helpful here? In user guide only one possible value is given i.e. MAIL FROM.
What other values would be possible for same tag?



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MAIL FROM is different than the from header.  You need to add header_from as an <acct-file> field if you want the from header in the CSV file.
Try the following commands:
pmta show topdomains --errors
pmta show topqueues --errors
pmta --help

When PowerMTA won't start use:
pmtad --debug
When all else fails-->support@port25.com