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Author Topic: encoding outbound mails in mailmerge  (Read 25461 times)


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encoding outbound mails in mailmerge
« on: April 20, 2022, 01:07:44 PM »

Hello everyone,
Is it possible to encode messages with base64 or quoted printable using mailmerge
For example we have a file like this

Code: [Select]
XMRG FROM:<travelAlerts@example.port25.com> VERP
XDFN FName="Alice" Airport="IAD" MilesToBonus="120" XDFN City="Herndon" State="VA" *parts=1-3 *vmta="mta4" XDFN *jobid="TravelAlerts"
RCPT TO:<alice@example.port25.com>
XDFN FName="Bob" Airport="BWI"
XDFN City="Ellicott City" State="MD" *parts=1,3 *vmta="mta5" XDFN *jobid="TravelAlerts"
RCPT TO:<bob@example.port25.com>
From: "Customer Service" [*from]
To: "[FName]" [*to]
Date: [*date]
Subject: Travel Plans

Dear [FName], 
You are flying out of [Airport] given that it is closest to your location in [City], [State].

And we want that the message will be encoded with the replaced tags