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Author Topic: Yahoo deactivated accounts  (Read 46344 times)


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Yahoo deactivated accounts
« on: August 27, 2013, 03:45:05 PM »

As most of you probably know, Yahoo recently deactivated many of its inactive email accounts:

ReturnPath is offering a service to those who are certified there to get a list of yahoo addresses you've sent to that will be or have been deactivated.

Of course it is great to already not be sending emails to inactive subscribers, so that you don't end up sending to deactivated accounts that might be turned into spam traps, etc.

But if by some chance you are sending to inactive subscribers, it would be great to get a list like the one Return Path provides.

My question is if anyone has heard anything from Yahoo about providing this type of list for senders to remove against. I'm not sure if ReturnPath made some sort of deal to get it or if it is available to any sender in the general public.

The reason I'm looking for whether Yahoo provides the list is we have some Return Path certified IPs and some that aren't. So anything we send through our other IPs we don't have the list for. As a side note, I couldn't find any of the email addresses Return Path provided to me on any of our lists, so the addresses must have already fallen off our list or we got the wrong list from RP.

Anyone else have experience with getting a deactivated yahoo email list, either from Return Path or directly from Yahoo?